War Generals Jacket of World War 1

This picture is an jacket from WW1 used by and General which the name i don't know
This jacket was an originally green but was stained from  the mud and dirt. On the jacket if you can see it there s many pockets included to the jacket. These pockets held grenades, tear gas grenades, even an extra magazine. Around the wrists are little buttons to button your wrist cuff to avoid dirt and mud from getting in your shirt which protected against infection. The shirt itself had buttons down the front of it that you must button up as a soldier during the war.

War Veterans  pants of World War 1

This is a picture of WW1 pants that looks like they are clean. these pants were probably used by a soldier who was drafted as a young boy. as you can see these pants had suspender hooks to prevent of falling during war. They had many pockets included the side pocket that held many things. They held food, ammunition, grenades and tear gas. At the bottom of the legs are straps that you put on the underside of your foot then slide your boot on and tie them tight to avoid dirt and mud intruding your pants. Near the waste are ties inside the waste which you tuck your shirt then tighten in to avoid dirt, mud, and ammunition shells going in your pants.

Helmets of World War 1

The American Helmet. The point of the helmet was to protect your brain. The american helmet is made out of steel and the inside and a cuff to fit your head and a strap on the bottom to hold it on. The inside was covered with padding allowing comfortable wear. The helmet protected from flying debris and fired ammunition. The helmet was created with a rim on the outside of the head protector to protect your face from the sun and rain. 

WW1 Boots

These are 4 types of american world war 1 boots. To choose which boots you wore you would start from the front. If you were on the front line you were the high top boots that are dark brown with straps at top and laces and foot, these boots were still toed and weren't comfortable. if you were on the 2 line you were the boots that have all laces from knee to ankle, these boots were comfortable but gave you bad blisters here and there and were also steel toed. if you were on the 3rd line you were the you were full ankle boots, these boots had a comfortable sole so the soldiers using the artillery wouldnt hurt in their feet. they had a lace from ankle to toe and straps at very top and before the laces. If you were on the Medical trench you were the low cut ankle boots which were basically dress boots. they are very shiny and have comfortable soles due to the doctors running back and forth which and hard rubber bottom.

WW1 American Gas Mask

American WW1 Gas Masks. These gas masks were to filter the air during a gas attack. These gas masks were hooked up to a small supplied oxygen tank. The reason they made these were to protect your face and lungs to chlorine, and poison gas. Gas is a small grenade than enemies throw in the enemies trench to try to get them to scramble from their trench to give them a advantage of gaining territory. But if you were smart and put on your gas mask you would've lived with only 1st degree burns on your protruding skin. The gas mask was airtight and not even water could possibly leak into it. If you didn't wear your gas mask your eyes would melt, your lungs would be seared and you would die in a matter of seconds. 

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